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5 misconceptions about hypnosis

1. The client is "asleep" and has no awareness.

At no point during the session do you lose control. The hypnotherapist creates suggestions. If your subconscious does not agree with it, you will reject it.

2. The hypnotist hypnotizes you.

Actually, you hypnotize your self. The therapist guides you through the experience.

3. The hypnotist makes you do things against your will.

Again, you are in control. This myth is based on "stage hypnotists" and Hollywood movies. Hypnotherapy is a serious process of self-improvement not entertainment.

4. Hypnosis is a stand alone cure.

Hypnotists occasionally and when necessary, partner with physicians or other types of medical professionals. Our goal is your over all well-being.

5. Hypnosis comes from "Black Magic" or "supernatural."

Hypnotherapy is a discipline with many years of clinical research. Hypnosis is a natural occurring state. Hypnotists don't have "special powers." Successful hypnotherapists are trained and skilled in this field.

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