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The team will be on holiday through December 5, 2023. Calendar will be opened then however we will respond to emails.

It's springtime!

If you can't step away or travel is out of the question, take a vacation in the comforts of your home. Find out why the '30 minutes vaca'...


At the end of this month, I’ll be leading “breathe work” seminars on social media platforms (IG & Facebook). Free of charge! Stay tuned.

Full moon meditation

The December, full moon session is full and closed. Join us in January, date to be determined. Remember, our monthly group sessions only...

11/17/2021 session

This group session is now closed. We’re planning the next session for full moon, December 18th.

Stay Tuned.

Our pro bono slots are full. They’ll reopen again in the next few months. Check back frequently.


Our last group meditation session SOLD OUT and it was a blast! I invite you all to grab a slot for November's class. Remember, there are...

Big Announcement.

We've decided to accept a couple of 'pro bono' clients. While this practice is a business entity, we understand that sometimes people...

Breath work.

Breath work is how I started my mind/body journey. And how I discovered that I belong to the world which includes you. With that,...

consultations are free!

Consultations prior to your first session are free. We'll use this time to get to know another and determine if hypnosis is best for you....


The raffle date has been moved to 09/12/21. Take advantage of this time to get tickets.

5 benefits of meditation

Reduces stress Enhances self awareness Improves sleep Helps control pain/discomfort Can decrease blood pressure There are many more. I...

Take 2 mins.

Here’s a tip to starting your day with positive intentions. Immediately when you awake, smile for a full 2 mins. You’ll find that a...

Available now!

Raffle tickets are available now! There is no limitation on quantity. Tickets are $5 a piece and there are 3 sessions to win, 'Take a 20...

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